About Sun Recorder

The present version of the Blake Larsen Sun Recorder is the result of a long collaboration between Alan Blake in Cornwall UK and Ole Jul Larsen in Denmark.

The recorder unit and PC software produce a fully automated system to measure the duration of bright sunlight from dawn to dusk.

The system will be very easy to integrate into WEB based weather recording systems as the sun shine records are simple text files.

It will also produce sun shine reports including graphical presentation to a central WEB server and all the installation sites will be available worldwide using Google Earth ®

The system can produce results which are far more accurate than, for example, the Campbell Stokes recorder which requires manual intervention and skilled interpretation. It will also be much more affordable than the methods used by professional forecasters yet will give comparable results.

The typical application areas – besides amateur weather enthusiast of course – could be:

  • Holiday resorts who wants to prove their claim of sunny days
  • Agriculture to establish figures for moisture evaporation which are dependent on actual sun shine hours.
  • Feasibility of establishing solar energy – water heating and/or photovoltaic panels.
  • – and many more